The heart and the core of this blog is “The Wicked Lady Show” Podcast. It is dedicated to the music I love, mostly heavy music …. Doom, Sludge, Drone, Stoner, Psychedelic, Crust, Black…. The episodes are one hour long each and published bi-weekly.

In the other sections on the blog I’ll post the obvious…, links of music videos, audios, reviews and, as I love to visit concerts and sometimes are in the mood for taking photos and sometimes they even come off presentable, I do present them here in the “Gallery” section. maybe I will even do some writing, we will see how this develops.

This site won’t use any embedded social media share, like and follow buttons, since there is a legal uncertainty if their use conforms to the German data privacy act. If you want to share a post (which I hope you do), you have to use the “classical” method of copying and pasting the url of its permalink. I’m sorry for that inconvenience.
Please feel free to leave your comments in the “comment box”. They are appreciated.

The Wicked Lady’s “second home” is the Free Your Soul blog. Here you won’t only find all the episodes, it’s also a great resource  of music related news and stuff

The Wicked Lady in other places:

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